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Titan Coin (TTN) : Android App

Titan Coin (TTN) : Android App

The world of cryptocurrency is one that has proven to be a success in recent times, and even though cryptocurrency is not a mainstream technology yet, a lot of businesses, companies, and individuals have begun to accept the use of cryptocurrency for different uses. One good thing about the use of cryptocurency is the ease of doing business it brings to a business model, and another good thing is the economic stability brings to the user.

There are different types of digital coins in the crypto world, each created for different uses, and with different values, and no matter how new a cryptocurrency is, there are cryptocurrency enthusiasts who want to own that cryptocurrency and see how well it performs on the market, and at other times crypto investors add the new coins to their portfolio. One of the new coins in the crypto world is the Titan Coin (TTN), and the coin was created to aid instantaneous payment across borders, in any part of the world.

There are so many things that are unique about the coin, including the fact that it is using the latest hybrid blockchain technology, the transaction protocol uses a dual algorithm system to perform quick transactions, and it has a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) protocol that pays users 2.5% every year.As with a lot of cryptocurrencies looking to make the use of the coin interesting, Titan Coin (TTN) has a bonus on Android App Download. This will encourage users of the coin to use the coin, and also attract more users to the platform.

Download Android App & get 100 Titan Coin (TTN) Bonus
  • All New users to the Android platform automatically gets a bonus of 100 Titan Coin (TTN)
Refer & Earn 20 Titan Coin (TTN) Bonus
  • In order to encourage users to get their friends and families on the platform, 20 Titan Coin (TTN) will be given to users who are able to refer other users to the Titan Coin (TTN) community.

Plans are underway to make some projects come alive, because the Titan Coin (TTN) will not only function as a cryptocurrency, but it will also be a way to create and share value among members of the platform. At the moment, More mobile apps are being created as a way to drive value, and also create interests among users of the coin. Here are some apps that will be released in the near future:

  • T-11 Titan Fantasy Sports Gaming App

  • T-21 Dating App (Android)

  • T-31 Titan Family Security App

  • T-41 Titan Sales Team Reporting App

And many more to come....

Titan project's Upcoming Mobile App's

Titan project's Upcoming Mobile App's

Nowadays, the availability of mobile applications is on the rise, resulting in a remarkable change in the way people feel and experience computing.

A few years ago, to access the Internet, check and read e-mails, you had to use a computer, but today it has changed because now computers are everywhere in mobile phones.

Titan projects understand the importance of the mobile application and we have developed several applications which will give you a better experience.

  • Millions of players around the world play fantasy games every day. They are all hungry for new types of games so they can follow their passion.

  • We deeply understand their characters and their needs and we have types of games that everyone can play.

  • Playing imaginary sports not only increases the understanding of the sport by fantastic players but also strengthens the bonds between the participants of the private championships.

  • T-11 is an exclusive app for fantasy sports games developed by Titan Projects that allows its users to play fantastic sports games like cricket, soccer, hockey, boxing, tennis, etc.

  • If your knowledge and skills in sports are good, the T-11 app is for you. You can create your unique team made up of real players for all live sports games like football, cricket, tennis, etc.

  • You can Easily switch between games and focus on drafting your team, setting your line-up, and winning!

  • You can earn points based on the performance of selected players during live matches.

  • Finding the right partner is not easy, but your smartphone may be able to help you. Until a few years ago, internet dating means connecting to your computer, but nowadays mobile devices and geolocation applications have transformed the world into your playground for meetings and long-term relationships.

  • If you are here to meet new people, expand your social network, meet locals when you travel or if you live right now, you're in the right place.

  • T-21 is an Android application to meet new people. We are the safest companion anywhere you're going to this planet; we'll be there.

  • Scroll, Swipe, Meeting, Gossip, Come out together.

  • Titan App, T-21 is simple and pleasant: swipe left or right. To like swipe right and if you want to skip swipe up.

  • If someone loves you in return, it's a match! No rejection, just browse match and chat online with your match, then move away from the phone, meet in the real world activate something new.

    • We offer a beta version with a privacy feature for women and a voice chat feature that makes it an interesting meeting application.

    • We will launch new updates soon. Titan App will give you a unique experience of dating.

  • Today the security of anyone’s family is the key aspect for human.

  • We the community of titan, understand the importance of security for the human and his/her family so taking consideration to this, we have developed an application T-31.

  • T-31 is a unique software application that converts smartphones, tablets and computers into an Advanced security tracking system with amazing features.

    • Real-time monitoring

    • Video surveillance

    • Instant notification / alert

    • Remote recording

    • Two-way audio

    • Find a lost phone

  • Any company involved in a field activity such as marketing, services or work on site requires staff for the field. But it is very difficult to keep track of all the workforce activities in the field and live on the map.

  • Management requires a rapid, online and real-time reporting tool for all field personnel. So that all activities can be monitored, monitored, tracked and guided in a productive way. Every company therefore needs field management application.

  • Our T-41 employee tracking app helps you keep track of your field, your employees' GPS location and activities of the day in real time.

  • The T-41 app helps you monitor the presence of your sales people, their location via GPS.

  • You can it also monitors their daily trips, the details of their visit, the meeting time and the sales order, all real time.

    • You know where our salesmen are

    • You can assign jobs online to sales employee

    • It is easy to calculate working hours

    • You can track geographic coverage

    • Online ordering allows fast processing

App Launch Schedule
App NameFull NameExpected Launch DatePlateforms
T-11TITAN FANTASY SPORTS GAME APPWorking on Alpha Version Of Terminal 11. Releasing the live version very soon.IOS/ANDROID
T-21TITAN DATING ANDROID APPWorking on Beta Version Of Terminal 21. Releasing the live version very soon.IOS/ANDROID
T-31TITAN FAMILY SECURITY APPWorking on Beta Version Of TITAN FAMILY SECURITY. Releasing the live version very soon.IOS/ANDROID
T-41TITAN SALES TEAM REPORTING APPWorking on Alpha Version Of TITAN SALES TEAM REPORTING. Releasing the live version very soon.IOS/ANDROID


Exchanges are important activities in the cryptocurrency sector. Faced with increasing competition from over 500 stock exchanges and the pressure of decentralized stock exchanges and commission-free trading platforms, the stock exchanges try to generate income by charging fees.

The value of any crypto platform can be determined by its value of a coin and the exchange platform where it is listed.

For cryptocurrency projects, referring to their digital coin on many reliable exchanges can be a determining factor for the success or failure of projects.

The more investors have access to a coin, the more they will buy it. Conversely, the harder it is to buy a coin, the more likely it is to acquire or maintain value over time.

There is a positive correlation between the value of a cryptocurrency and the number of exchanges on which it is indexed. The more the exchange is known, the better.

Furthermore, having a coin referenced on respectable exchanges adds credibility and strengthens the reputation of a blockchain project since only high-quality project coins are considered listed on the biggest stock exchanges.

The process for obtaining a stock exchange listing is not as simple as one might imagine. Each exchange is different and has different requirements for the inclusion of coins.

Exchanges take into account many variables before registering a coin. For this reason, it is important to know which exchanges are best suited to your coin at this point in the timeline of your projects.

Titan Coin is listed on one of the most popular exchange platform named as “NOVA EXCHANGECoin Exchage , Emanet.com , Escodex Exchange Platform southxchange platform ”.

Nova Exchange's exclusive niche market, which supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and new and smaller coins, means it has created a loyal user base ready to forgive the amateur approach.

They host a wide selection of altcoins and the most famous crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin.

Enmanet is probably the preferred destination to directly observe the evolution of the blockchain world. Going so far in our journey has been a challenge and we are proud to finally be listed.

Escodex is a decentralized exchange platform that allows you to trade popular altcoin pairs without a single point of failure. With Escodex you can buy and sell bitcoins / altcoins safely and anonymously without having to rely on a centralized exchange.

Southxchange is a currency management platform operated by PRO-Systems. It is designed and built with security, simplicity and usability in mind. We believe that cryptocurrencies have the potential to change the world, and our mission is to provide the necessary tools to make it happen.

Finally, The Titan Projects team is pleased to announce that Titan Coin, TTN, is now available for purchase on the Escodex Exchange , SouthXchange Nova Exchange and Enmanet Exchange , although Application to more exchanges is done and negotiation for listing in process. We hope few more renowned exchanges addition very soon.

Introduction Titan Coin

Introduction Titan Coin

Titan Coin (TTN)

Titan Coin (TTN) is one cryptocurrency that has what it takes to stand above so many other coins, this wonderful coin makes use of the latest blockchain technology that is focused on ensuring that that transactions happen instantaneously, and that they are very secure. One of the very interesting things about the Titan Coin (TTN) is the fact that it uses a Hybrid Proof-of-Work (PoW) plus a Dynamic Proof-of-Stake (PoS) structure, and also uses a dual algorithm system (SHA-256 + Groestl) to aid the transactions. Furthermore, the platform has a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) system that makes a payment of 2.5% every year.

Another good thing about the coin is the fact that it allows a user make immediate payments to anybody in any part of the world. Mining this coin is not as power-consuming as the other coins, and that is an indicator that the coin is profitable to invest in.

It is a secure coin, and gets its security protocol from Bitcoin, and by default, it is decentralized, hence, transactions on the platform are on a peer-to-peer basis.

Titan Coin (TTN) Statistics

As at the time of this publication:

  • Coin Price: $0.00383270

  • Trading Volume: $101,759

  • Total Supply: 891,413,718 TTN

  • Volume / Market Cap: $3416658

It will interest you to know that the coin ranks among the top 30 on Coinmarketcap.com, and is listed on four cryptocurrency exchanges, with the intentions to have them listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges in the near future. Titan Coin (TTN) features wallets that are available for different platforms.

This innovative cryptocurrency will herald the birth of new applications and projects, including its own which include:

  • T-11 Titan Fantasy Sports App

  • T-21 Dating App

  • T-31 Titan Family Security App

  • T-41 Titan Sales Team Reporting App

Titan Coin (TTN) is a welcome development in the crypto world, and it has a lot of prospects, especially because its blockchain is unique and has amazing qualities. Titan Coin (TTN) is self-sustained, and in the near future, there will be more liquidity for the coin which will in turn contribute to the exponential increase in its value as more people begin to join the Titan Coin (TTN) community. This is the time to become an integral member of the community.