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Titan project's Upcoming Mobile App's

Posted on 24 Mar, 2019 Titan project's Upcoming Mobile App's

Nowadays, the availability of mobile applications is on the rise, resulting in a remarkable change in the way people feel and experience computing.

A few years ago, to access the Internet, check and read e-mails, you had to use a computer, but today it has changed because now computers are everywhere in mobile phones.

Titan projects understand the importance of the mobile application and we have developed several applications which will give you a better experience.

  • Millions of players around the world play fantasy games every day. They are all hungry for new types of games so they can follow their passion.

  • We deeply understand their characters and their needs and we have types of games that everyone can play.

  • Playing imaginary sports not only increases the understanding of the sport by fantastic players but also strengthens the bonds between the participants of the private championships.

  • T-11 is an exclusive app for fantasy sports games developed by Titan Projects that allows its users to play fantastic sports games like cricket, soccer, hockey, boxing, tennis, etc.

  • If your knowledge and skills in sports are good, the T-11 app is for you. You can create your unique team made up of real players for all live sports games like football, cricket, tennis, etc.

  • You can Easily switch between games and focus on drafting your team, setting your line-up, and winning!

  • You can earn points based on the performance of selected players during live matches.

  • Finding the right partner is not easy, but your smartphone may be able to help you. Until a few years ago, internet dating means connecting to your computer, but nowadays mobile devices and geolocation applications have transformed the world into your playground for meetings and long-term relationships.

  • If you are here to meet new people, expand your social network, meet locals when you travel or if you live right now, you're in the right place.

  • T-21 is an Android application to meet new people. We are the safest companion anywhere you're going to this planet; we'll be there.

  • Scroll, Swipe, Meeting, Gossip, Come out together.

  • Titan App, T-21 is simple and pleasant: swipe left or right. To like swipe right and if you want to skip swipe up.

  • If someone loves you in return, it's a match! No rejection, just browse match and chat online with your match, then move away from the phone, meet in the real world activate something new.

    • We offer a beta version with a privacy feature for women and a voice chat feature that makes it an interesting meeting application.

    • We will launch new updates soon. Titan App will give you a unique experience of dating.

  • Today the security of anyone’s family is the key aspect for human.

  • We the community of titan, understand the importance of security for the human and his/her family so taking consideration to this, we have developed an application T-31.

  • T-31 is a unique software application that converts smartphones, tablets and computers into an Advanced security tracking system with amazing features.

    • Real-time monitoring

    • Video surveillance

    • Instant notification / alert

    • Remote recording

    • Two-way audio

    • Find a lost phone

  • Any company involved in a field activity such as marketing, services or work on site requires staff for the field. But it is very difficult to keep track of all the workforce activities in the field and live on the map.

  • Management requires a rapid, online and real-time reporting tool for all field personnel. So that all activities can be monitored, monitored, tracked and guided in a productive way. Every company therefore needs field management application.

  • Our T-41 employee tracking app helps you keep track of your field, your employees' GPS location and activities of the day in real time.

  • The T-41 app helps you monitor the presence of your sales people, their location via GPS.

  • You can it also monitors their daily trips, the details of their visit, the meeting time and the sales order, all real time.

    • You know where our salesmen are

    • You can assign jobs online to sales employee

    • It is easy to calculate working hours

    • You can track geographic coverage

    • Online ordering allows fast processing

App Launch Schedule
App NameFull NameExpected Launch DatePlateforms
T-11TITAN FANTASY SPORTS GAME APPWorking on Alpha Version Of Terminal 11. Releasing the live version very soon.IOS/ANDROID
T-21TITAN DATING ANDROID APPWorking on Beta Version Of Terminal 21. Releasing the live version very soon.IOS/ANDROID
T-31TITAN FAMILY SECURITY APPWorking on Beta Version Of TITAN FAMILY SECURITY. Releasing the live version very soon.IOS/ANDROID
T-41TITAN SALES TEAM REPORTING APPWorking on Alpha Version Of TITAN SALES TEAM REPORTING. Releasing the live version very soon.IOS/ANDROID