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Important Announcement: Titancoin (TTN) Swap

Titancoin will soon migrate to BEP-20 blockchain and will be converted to Titan Token. This is an important announcement for all the holders of Titancoin (TTN). You (the holder) shall be required to transfer your Titancoin holdings from Crex24, SouthExchange, Mercatox or any other wallet/exchange to Web Wallet of Titan Multi Crypto Wallet.

The Titancoin (TTN) transfers to web wallet shall be available for a period of 1 month from 21th Nov 2022 to 20th Dec 2022. All eligible Titancoin (TTN) holders shall be allotted new Titan Token matching their holdings of the old Titancoin (TTN) before 31st Dec 2022.

The swap shall be performed in 1:1 ratio in the Titan Multi Crypto Wallet (Web Wallet).

We have decided to migrate the Titancoin (TTN) to Binance Chain ecosystem to meet the future scalability requirements of the project and gain from the technological benefits offered by the world's leading blockchain ecosystem.

We are excited to move to the next phase of our growth.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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What is Titan Coin (TTN)

TitanProjects is an ecosystem of futuristic applications built on a highly secure blockchain and powered by a strong, digital payment system backed by Titan Multi Crypto Wallet. Titan Multi Crypto Wallet is an innovative, highly secure digital assets and cryptocurrency storage wallet which currently supports all major cryptocurrencies. Titan Coin (TTN) is the native cryptocurrency of Titan wallet and it can be used for making payments for purchases (including cryptocurrencies) anywhere in the world.

The ecosystem will enable third-party service providers to develop and launch their apps on Titan’s secure blockchain and use Titan Multi Crypto Wallet for in-app payments.

Next-Generation Blockchain Technology

  • Quick Transactions
  • Seamless Global Payments
  • Low Processing Fees
  • Eco-Friendly X21s Mining
  • Wallets Available For Windows, Mac, Web & Mobile Technology
  • Futuristic Applications Stack
How to mine

X21S -Titan's GPU Friendly Mining Tech

Titan Is Proud To Implement The New, Revolutionary X21s Mining Technology, Which Is Anti-ASIC And GPU-Friendly And Enables The Mining Of Titan Coin Only With GPUs. X21s Is A Mining Technology Based On X16s And X22i. It Reduces Heat Generation And Energy Consumption In Crypto Mining.

Titan Projects
FPGA & ASIC Blocking/Resistant

TTN sets apart from other cryptocurrencies by utilizing a new, power-efficient hashing algorithm - X21S, largely inspired by X22i and X16s. X21s uses a combination of 21 different algorithms, including 16 hashes from the old X16s and 5 new hash functions of algorithms - haval256, tiger, lyra2, gost512, and sha256.

Titan Projects
Fair Hash Rate Distribution

The implementation of X21s by TTN also ensures fair distribution of hash rate for GPU miners, giving them equal opportunity to mine and reap the rewards for adding new blocks. Although, block rewards will be brought down in a smooth exponential curve down manner for miners by TTN.

Titan Projects
GPU Friendly

With the addition of the lyra2 hash function, the parallelization of the X21s algorithm is difficult to achieve for anyone as identification of the next step is entirely dependent upon the already computed previous step. It is a very GPU-friendly algorithm, which brings down the temperature, heat dissipation and electricity needs of mining GPUs.

Available on all major platforms

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Titan Coin
The Easiest way to

Exchange Digital Cryptocurrency

TTNEX is a Secure, Trusted, and Transparent Global Crypto Trading Platform. Buy, Sell & Trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether USDT, Litecoin, Titan Coin, and more cryptocurrencies. Start trading now!

Titan Application Managment

Titan Apps

Family Safety is complete Family Safety and tracking app which enables you to track your family members’ whereabouts, including location, live status, phone, etc. in real-time. The app is available for Android and will soon be available on the Play Store.

If you are looking for an easy and perfect way to ensure the complete security of your family members, especially when you’re away, this is the app you need to install on your phone. The Family Safetyy app lets you track the live location of your family members using GPS on their phones. This is, of course, you can do it only with their permission.

That’s not all.

With the Family Safety app, you can -

  • Find/Track Your Family
  • Track their Online Activities
  • Find a lost phone

Other app features include Real-time Location Sharing, Video Surveillance/Tracking, Instant Security Alerts, Two-way Audio, Remote Recording, etc.

The app can be integrated with your home cameras to enable you to check videos in real-time to ensure your family’s safety. The app can also be customized to send alerts whenever your family member is in trouble or needs assistance. There are also two-way audio and remote recording options.

Titan Coin (TTN) specifications

Total supply 5 Billion
Block Reward 75 TTN
Reward Maturity 100 blocks
Consensus Algorithm X21s
Difficulty Retargeting Dark Gravity Wave
Asset Activation Height 86400
P2P Port 48144
RPC Port 42812
Coin Name

Titan Coin (TTN)

Coin Type / Algorithm


Block Time / Rewards

150 seconds / 75 Titan Coin (TTN)

Current Circulation

0.00000000 TTN

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The world’s most reliable, convenient and accessible crypto exchange platform that lets you buy/sell and trade cryptocurrencies for both fiat and digital currencies.

Titan’s one-of-its-kind crypto exchange platform will support a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, USDT, TTN (Titan Coin), ETH, TUSD, BAT, BNB, BCH, DASH, HOT, DOGE, LTC, XMR, USDC, XRP and many more.

Buy And Sell Titan Multi Crypto Wallet (TTN)

Simple Steps to Get Started

Download TTN Wallet

Downloading and setting up a TTN wallet is quite easy. Make sure that you download the app only from verified resources (Official App Stores).

Add, Send or Receive Coins

Once you have downloaded the wallet, add TTN Coins from an exchange of your choice. You can then Send/Receive TTN Coins within the Wallet.

Join TTN Community

Make sure to join our official Titan Multi Crypto Wallet community to receive all the latest updates about the project/coin and participate in the ongoing discussions.

Past & Future Development


Titan Coin Launch

Titan Coin (TTN) and Titan Multi Crypto Wallet launched

Feb 2018

Listing on Exchanges

Initiated TTN listing on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges

Nov 2018

Whitepaper Released

Whitepaper Ver 1.0 released.

Dec 2018

Titan Blockchain

Development work on Titan Blockchain started.

March 2019

Multi Exchanges Presence

Titan Coin listing on leading cryptocurrency exchanges completed

June 2019

Genesis Of Titan Exchange

Development of our trading platform Titan Exchange started

June 2019

Titan Coin Shifted To Mining

Titan upgraded to eco-friendly X21 mining technology.

Aug 2019

Launch Of Titan Staking 1.0 Program

Titan Coin staking program launched.

Sept 2019

Family Security App Testing Begins

Family Security App Testing Begins.

Nov 2019

Family Security App Launch

Family Security App Launch.

Nov 2019

Titan Exchange Launch (Alpha Version)

Our next generation trading platform Titan Exchange (TTNEX) launched

Dec 2019


Titan Fantasy Sports Game App Development Started

Titan Dating App Launch

Titan Sales Team Reporting App Launch

Mar 2020

Titan Exchange Launch (Beta Version)

Our next generation trading platform Titan Exchange (TTNEX) launched

June 2020

Titan Multi Crypto Wallet Development Started

Integration of Multiple Cryptocurrencies with Titan Multi Crypto Wallet started.

Sept 2020

Titan Multi Crypto Wallet Testing Started

Testing of Multiple Cryptocurrencies with Titan Multi Crypto Wallet started.

Dec 2020

Titan Multi Crypto Wallet Released

Titan Multi Crypto Wallet Released.

Mar 2021

Buy Crypto Integration

Buy Crypto with a credit card and debit card available on Titan Exchange. Integration of Buy Crypto with Titan Multi Crypto Wallet started.

April 2021

Pre-Registration of Debit Card Started

Pre-Registration of Debit Card Started in TTNEX and Titan Multi Crypto Wallet.

May 2021

Beta Version TTN Finex & TTN Lotto

June 2021

Addition of multiple crypto's in Titan Multi Crypto Wallet

(Powered by Simplex)

Aug 2021

Pre ICO/ICO Launch

Oct 2021

TTNEX version 2.0 launch

Integration of Margin Trading

Development of TTN Pay ecosystem

Listing Titan Coin to world class top exchanges

Future Developments

Frequently Asked Questions

Titan Coin (TTN) is a new innovative payment currency which has been created with the primary aim of overcoming the limitations of many other coins out there.
By encrypting your wallet one can set password to protect the wallet from thieves and hackers.
Titan Coin (TTN) is a new innovative payment currency which has been created with the primary aim of overcoming the limitations of many other coins out there.
Titan Coin aims to disrupt and digitize the way assets are created. Unlike traditional smart contracts where you need to program a token and then deploy it on the network, at Titan Coin's blockchain you can deploy an asset with a just few clicks without any knowledge of programming or coding.
A Coin Swap is used by developers when they want to carry users from one blockchain to another. This is usually done when projects want to start working or port their coin to a new blockchain.
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