What is Titan Coin exactly?

Titan Coin (TTN) is a new, experimental cryptocurrency that was created to provide an easy and affordable method for sending digital money to anyone and anywhere in the world. Titan Coin is backed by a global, decentralized payment network that ensures secure and transparent transactions involving digital assets and data.

How does the Titan Coin work?

Just like bitcoin and several other payment currencies, Titan Coin can be used for sending and receiving digital money via a wallet available in the form of a mobile app. Users can store their coins in the Titan wallet and use it for making payments or transferring money to other users.

Titan Coin utilizes its own, custom-made blockchain which is based on a Hybrid POW and Dynamic POS structure and employs SHA256+ GROESTL (Dual Algorithm system) for verification and processing of transactions on its network.

Can I really use Titan Coin for payments?

Yes, that’s exactly what Titan Coin was created for in the first place. The primary use of Titan Coin is as a digital currency, which can be used for buying things of value. Depending on whether a business/merchant accepts Titan Coin, you can surely use it for making payments in exchange for services/products.

How do I purchase Titan Coins?

Titan Coin has been listed on a number of exchange platforms, including Nova Exchange, Crex24, Escodex, CoinExchange.io, SouthXchange, and EnManet Exchange. Interested users who wish to buy the Titan Coin can do so by registering on any of these platforms and exchanging their digital tokens for Titan Coins. You can alternatively consider exchanging Titan Coins directly with someone who wants to sell them.

Why should I use Titan Coin?

Titan Coin has many distinct advantages over other digital payment methods out there. Some of these include:

  • Instant P2P Payments (without intermediaries)
  • Lightning Fast Transactions
  • High Security in Payments
  • X21S -GPU Friendly Mining Technology
  • Minimal Transaction Fee
  • Decentralized TTN wallet with Multi-Currency support
  • Listed on Popular Exchanges.

Is Titan Coin Secure ?

Absolutely. Titan Coin Is Proud To Implement The New, Revolutionary X21s Mining Technology, Which Is Anti-ASIC And GPU-Friendly And Enables The Mining Of Titan Coin Coins Only With GPUs. X21s Is A Mining Technology Based On X16s And X22i. Titan Coin Coin inherits blockchain features such as immutability, transparency and decentralization to further protect its payment system from all kinds of threats. Transactions in the Titan Coin Coin blockchain are verified by consent and records once submitted cannot be edited or deleted by anyone to maintain a high level of security.

Where do I store my Titan Coins?

Titan Coin has dedicated wallet applications for mobile, web and desktop devices which you can download and use to store and transact the coins.

Where can I use Titan Coin?

Besides using Titan Coin for making payments of services/payments at a number of merchants who accept our coin and for trading against a number of top cryptocurrencies at leading exchanges where the coin is listed, you can also use it in the following applications of the Titan ecosystem.

  • Titan Fantasy Sports Game App (Play fantasy sports games like cricket, soccer, hockey, etc.)
  • Titan Family Security App (Transform your smartphones, tablets and computers into an Advanced security tracking system)

Is Titan Coin legal?

Well, it is still an early stage to say anything definite about the legal status of Titan Coin, but seeing that no country has yet declared cryptocurrencies as illegal, we are positive that Titan Coin will get a good response in the market. In short, yes, Titan Coin is legal.

Can I trade Titan Coin like other cryptocurrencies?

Yes. Titan Coin has been enabled for trading. It means the coin can be exchanged with other cryptocurrencies and digital assets under, of course, some restrictions. For now, Titan Coin has been listed on the following 6 exchange platforms, where you can buy/sell it.

  • Coin Exchange
  • South Xchange
  • Nova Exchange
  • EnManet Exchange
  • CREX24
  • Escodex

In the coming days, Titan Coin will be listed on more exchanges and will be traded against many other cryptocurrencies as it rises in popularity and value.

What affects Titan Coin’s price?

The price of Titan Coin is controlled by its supply and demand. To limit the supply of Titan Coins, the issuing company employs the mining mechanism of bitcoin, which ensures that only a limited number of coins are released in a particular time period.

The price of Titan Coin also rises with the increase in the demand, which is governed by the possible applications of the coin. The higher the number of applications where you can use Titan Coin, the higher will be its demand, which, in turn, will increase the coin price.

How is Titan Coin better than Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies)?

There are a number of things that make Titan Coin a better digital currency than other existing cryptocurrencies. These include its next-gen blockchain technology.Titan Coin sets apart from other cryptocurrencies by utilizing a new, power-efficient hashing algorithm - X21S, largely inspired by X22i and X16s. X21s uses a combination of 21 different algorithms, including 16 hashes from the old X16s and 5 new hash functions of algorithms - haval256, tiger, lyra2, gost512, and sha256. efficient mining system, and higher security standards.