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Titan Coin (TTN) : Android App

Posted on 16 May, 2019 Titan Coin (TTN) : Android App

The world of cryptocurrency is one that has proven to be a success in recent times, and even though cryptocurrency is not a mainstream technology yet, a lot of businesses, companies, and individuals have begun to accept the use of cryptocurrency for different uses. One good thing about the use of cryptocurency is the ease of doing business it brings to a business model, and another good thing is the economic stability brings to the user.

There are different types of digital coins in the crypto world, each created for different uses, and with different values, and no matter how new a cryptocurrency is, there are cryptocurrency enthusiasts who want to own that cryptocurrency and see how well it performs on the market, and at other times crypto investors add the new coins to their portfolio. One of the new coins in the crypto world is the Titan Coin (TTN), and the coin was created to aid instantaneous payment across borders, in any part of the world.

There are so many things that are unique about the coin, including the fact that it is using the latest hybrid blockchain technology, the transaction protocol uses a dual algorithm system to perform quick transactions, and it has a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) protocol that pays users 2.5% every year.As with a lot of cryptocurrencies looking to make the use of the coin interesting, Titan Coin (TTN) has a bonus on Android App Download. This will encourage users of the coin to use the coin, and also attract more users to the platform.

Download Android App & get 100 Titan Coin (TTN) Bonus
  • All New users to the Android platform automatically gets a bonus of 100 Titan Coin (TTN)
Refer & Earn 20 Titan Coin (TTN) Bonus
  • In order to encourage users to get their friends and families on the platform, 20 Titan Coin (TTN) will be given to users who are able to refer other users to the Titan Coin (TTN) community.

Plans are underway to make some projects come alive, because the Titan Coin (TTN) will not only function as a cryptocurrency, but it will also be a way to create and share value among members of the platform. At the moment, More mobile apps are being created as a way to drive value, and also create interests among users of the coin. Here are some apps that will be released in the near future:

  • T-11 Titan Fantasy Sports Gaming App

  • T-21 Dating App (Android)

  • T-31 Titan Family Security App

  • T-41 Titan Sales Team Reporting App

And many more to come....